Photos: 100
Get Messy
After cutting off each other’s clothes Naomi and I got really messy with each other! Mmm licking chocolate sauce of every inch of her sexy body, talk about messy sex. Take a look…
Duration: 23:15
Easter Bunny
The Easter Bunny got a real treat this year! Two horny rabbits stopped by and fucked the easter bunny silly! Silly rabbit dicks are for Eve!
Duration: 16:20
B-Day Webcam
We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate Angie's birthday then with all of you and a Birthday Webcam Orgy! Seska joined us to help Angie celebrate her special day, and as you'll see in the last clip Adam gave her a great gift as we all sang happy birthday to her!
Duration: 15:10
Strip Poker
Angie & Talia joined eve and I for a night of poker! I'd hate to take their money so we decided to play strip poker instead. Talia ruled the table and had everyone getting naked, damn beginners luck, not that it mattered, either way I walk away a winner:-) Once we were all naked the dares began, check it out'
Duration: 13:01
Latina Flavour Videos
Talia is truly a bi-sexual woman, she can tease and please guys and girls alike! I know Adam always looks forward to cam shows with Talia and I love getting together with her too. How could anyone not want to have sex with Talia!
Duration: 11:45
Latina Lusting
Until you've had sex with Talia you just won't understand how lustful yet sensual it can be! She knows how to please a girl and guy both to a degree that's truly unexplainable! Take a look at the sex we had and how Adam unloaded on her big boobs'
Duration: 11:45
Orgy Cam
It was a full house for this cam show, 4 girls and me' I guess I can't complain:-) After the girls striped me down Seska sat on my face while Eve took me in her mouth and deep throating my cock. Angie then took her turn on my face while Seska worked her magic on me, then Seska sucked on my balls as Angie sucked my dick, still sitting on my face! Talia took her turn blowing me then it was time to fuck each of them before having them each blow me again until I (did my best to) get them all with the cumshot, but Seska and Eve got most of it and then licked it off each other! Enjoy'
Duration: 10:02
Angie Bliss
We love getting together with Angir for webcam shows, Adam loves it because she's the only other girl that can take his big cock in her ass and loves nice facials as much as me! Take a look at the fun we had...
Duration: 09:58
Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat said the two school girls as I opened my door, I told them both but all the candy was in my bedroom and they'd have to come and get it themselves! After seeing the pile of candy waiting there, they asked if it was all for them! I told them yes but they had to earn each treat with a trick:-) take a look'
Duration: 09:36
Fun With Talia
Adam & I joined Talia for her Webcam show to triple the pleasure and triple the fun! We started off by giving Adam a nice double blow job, Talia would lick his balls as I sucked his cock, then Talia took over sucking his cock as I went for his balls. While taking turns sucking on his big dick I sat on his face, I suck so much harder when someone is doing the same to my clit. Having Adam go down on me and watching Talia suck his cock is so hot and brings me to orgasm in no time! Adam wasn't going to let Talia's big boobs go to waste, he tit fucked her while she was blowing him and almost came before fucking us! Not to worry he held it back and fucked me hard doggy while talia sucked on my clit and Adams balls, talk about double sensations! Then after a little throat fucking Adam jerked off and came on both of our faces!
Duration: 06:53
Orgy with Ro
Keesha gave us a call and invited us out to dinner with Ro who was in from out of town. During dinner she was telling us about her site and the fact she squirts (great dinner talk I know:-) that got us all worked up and after dinner we has to go back to their room before the night out, we couldn't wait! What was supposed to be a simple squirt show turned into a full orgy!
Duration: 06:03
Orgy Madness
I found these clips from a webcam orgy we had a while back with Talia and Seska. It's so hot to rewatch us all fuck together, check it out...
Duration: 06:02
Orgy Madness
I found these clips from a webcam orgy we had a while back with Talia and Seska. It's so hot to rewatch us all fuck together, check it out...
Duration: 05:49
Angie Drops In
Angie came over to introduce her new boyfriend to us, he has seem the pictures and videos of us together so he was really anxious to Adam and I. After a few drinks he confessed he wanted to see us in action, we tried to get him to jump in but he was a little shy. Angie gave him the camera and told him he could tape it and keep it as a souvenir. After the shoot I was able to see a huge bulge in his pants so Angie took the video camera out of his hands and we both went to work on him!
Photos: 87
Snow Ball
Shelly was in town again (the horny little slut just can’t stay away) and she joined us for a fun fuck session! When we first met Shelly she was quiet and somewhat reserved, she sure has come a long way since then, now she can’t get enough of Adam fucking her! After an intense threesome Adman came in her mouth and she snowballed it back to mine and we both swallowed all of his cum!
Photos: 84
App is Back!
Adam and I had a lot of fun the other night when Appolonia came by after dinner. We hoped she had a good time too and I guess she did because she asked to join us for one of our cam shows. I was telling her how much fun they are, being watched by so many people, I think she’ll be back for more! I think Adam likes her bit of junk in the truck too:-)
Photos: 73
Shelly Joins
Shelly was in town again and joined us for a cam show. Shelly should suck cock and fuck for a living, wait I think that is what she does for a living LOL, we have so much fun when she comes to town and lets us have sex with her! The cherry on top is the fact that she loves getting cum all over her!
Photos: 35
As a child we are taught to share with our friends and not be selfish. I am a firm believe in this and think sharing with my friends is very important, so when Alyka comes over I have no problem sharing Adam with her! I found these pictures of a webcam I did with Alyka a while back and for some reason I never posted them! Better late then never I guess…
Photos: 74
Sharing Shelly
A good relationship is all about compromise, Eve understands this and never lets me down. She was doing a shoot with Shelly and up until this point I still haven’t had my chance to fuck her. She was a bit hesitant at first to do other guys but after Eve working her magic them pulling me in, I got my chance to cum on her face too! Good work Eve!
Photos: 27
Speaker Sex
A friend of mine is the manager of a local night club. Seska, Adam and I went by during off hours and had dome fun on the speakers…
Photos: 157
Special Girls
This shoot was just the right combination of sensual, sexual and role-playing. Up until now this has to be one of our favourite shoots, a special thanks to Leroy for taking such fantastic pictures! Take a look'
Photos: 42
Tag Teamed
Sex outdoors is so risqué, the thrill that we could be caught makes me so horny you have no idea! The only thing better then having sex with Adam outdoors is getting fucked by him and his friend outdoors. Adam gets to have sex with me and my friends all the time I think it’s only fair to give his friends a shot with me:-)
Photos: 66
Tagging Carol
Adam and I joined carol for her cam show and we had tons of fun with her! I surprised her while she was blowing Adam with my strap-on! Now I know what it’s like to tag team someone lol.
Photos: 111
Mr Plumber
Angie and I clogged the drain, see what happens when you leave women in the kitchen LOL. We called Mr. Plumber to come to our rescue and when he showed up we wanted to snake our drain too! We hand cuffed him to the pipes and went to work on his drainage pipe!
Photos: 34
Muff Diving
Adam was muff diving off the coast of poon island when he came ashore to find two innocent curios damsels sun bathing. They quickly tore off his wet suit and got quite wet themselves! After some frolicking on the beach Adam gave them a taste of his sea salt!
Photos: 75
Muffet Buffet
This was one of my first girly shows, it’s not often I get to have fun with my girlfriends and there’s no cock involved! So when I get a chance to spend an hour with my two favourite women there’s going to be a ton of tasting going on!
Photos: 66
Nerf Nookie
Angie came over and then Adam came all over her LOL. We got really creative and got out the nerf swords and put them, well look at the pictures and see for yourself…
Photos: 84
Little Oral Angie
I invited Angie over for our cam show the other night to join Adam and I. I know how much he loves when I invite guests over to play with us, especially Angie with her pierced tongue!
Photos: 80
Ready to Pop
Here’s a blast from the past, I’m not sure why we never posted these before!!! Call me crazy (you won’t be the first) but I think the sight of a pregnant woman is incredibly sexy! Adam and I were both extremely excited to be having sex with big boob Talia and her even bigger belly!
Photos: 89
Keesha Cums Over
Keesha joined us for our cam show, have I ever mentioned how much fun it is when Eve invites a guest over??? I hooked up the camera to the tv so we could watch the angle exactly as you were watching it. It’s fun to look over and see a different angle that you can’t normally see when fucking!

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